Community involvement

Valero distinguishes itself by its involvement in the communities it serves.

The company makes donations to organizations undertaking projects in the areas in which it operates. The Donations Evaluation Committee gives preference to projects in the health, education and environment sectors as well as community projects.

In particular, the company comes to the aid of numerous children’s causes through the Valero Energy Foundation of Canada.

Valero encourages the generosity of its employees

Valero supports the direct involvement of its employees in various organizations. This support is given via two programs:

Matching Donation Program

The company makes its donations to institutions, foundations and national or regional organizations that its employees support. It contributes 75% of the amount of individual donations made by its employees and retired personnel, up to $1,000 per year, per person.

Community Involvement Support Program

Valero contributes to the financing of organizations for which its employees volunteer. In order to make volunteering easier, the company gives employees time off during work hours. On certain occasions, it may even assign one or more employees to work for a non-profit organization for a set period of time.

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2014 Social Responsibility Report (4.7 MB)