The Jean Gaulin refinery

A top performer

A Top performer

Our refinery at Lévis is modern and efficient thanks to our constant upgrades ever since it started operating. The refinery processes foreign crude oil carried by tankers to its deep-water port on the St. Lawrence River. With a storage capacity of 8.7 million barrels of crude oil and intermediate and refined products, it can also store liquefied petroleum gas.


Since 1998, the company has successfully carried out several investment projects at the Jean Gaulin refinery, including the expansion of the fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCC) and the addition of a crude unit, resulting in a significant increase in throughput, the expansion of the capacity of the tank truck loading rack as well as the modernization of the waste water treatment facilities. In order to reduce feedstock costs, We modified the refinery, allowing it to process a wider range of crude oils. A large part of the investments were intended to reduce the benzene content of gasoline as well as the sulphur content of our main fuels: gasoline and diesel. In advance of government regulations, and out of constant concern for environment protection, our compagny had adopted this strategic direction to achieve energy savings and improve performance.


The location of the refinery and its deep-water dock on the St. Lawrence River allows it to receive crude oil shipments from large tankers year-round. The refinery’s ability to receive shipments of up to 1 million barrels gives it an important advantage over other refineries. Located upstream, the latter must rely on transport by pipeline or small cargo ships. Moreover, the Jean Gaulin Refinery charters large double-hulled, double-bottomed tankers that can safely navigate in icy conditions on the St. Lawrence during winter.

A neighbourly refinery

The Jean Gaulin refinery created a Liaison Committee out of respect for its neighbours and the community. In this regard, Valero aims at meeting the same excellence standards as for the distribution and refining of petroleum products.