Health, safety and environment

Health, safety and environment constitute our main priority. From the refinery to our customers, Valero ensures the quality of its products and services through ISO-9001 certification.
The refinery’s ISO-9001 certification is testimony to the rigour that  applies to all its activities and conduct, especially in the areas of safety and environment.

Lévis, the standard to follow

We are particularly proud of the Jean Gaulin Lévis refinery , which stands out from North American refineries for the reliability of its operations, its environmental output and overall performance. From 2004 to 2006, we completed two blocks of investment in order to allow for the production of low-sulphur gasoline as well as ultra-low-sulphur diesel.

The control room instruments measure, register and modify the temperature, pressure and flow settings in each one of our refinery units. Laboratory technicians undertake hundreds of analyses of crude oil, semi-finished products and finished products.

At the refinery, a team of 60 specially trained technicians with access to highly sophisticated equipment ensure the prevention of any incident that might possibly occur.

Starting in the Escoumins region, any oil tanker transporting crude oil to the refinery is piloted through the St. Lawrence to ensure safe passage to its destination.

The refinery possesses facilities and techniques that encourage the protection of the environment.

Green Marine

Ultramar is a member of Green Marine, an initiative of businesses, which aims at improving in a concrete and measurable way the environmental performance of the marine industry operating on the St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes. For more information, please visit Green Marine’s Website.