Liaison Committee

Staying in contact with the community

The Liaison Committee shares information on activities and any potential risks posed by the refinery, new projects, the environment and preventive and emergency measures. By doing so, the committee establishes trust with the community. It is made up of people in the neighborhood and from other organizations, and their meetings enable responders to:

  • Exchange views on the refinery's activities and voice their concerns

  • Share their opinions and make recommendations on operations under way and new projects

  • Monitor activities while projects are under way

The Liaison Committee consists of about 20 members:

  • From the immediate neighborhood of the refinery's facilities

  • The group formed to enhance Saint-Laurent Street (near the dock)

  • Socioeconomic organizations (Centre Desjardins Entreprises, UPA, Board of Trade Lévis)

  • Environmental groups : CRECA, GIRAM,  Nature Québec, Etchemin river basin council (CBE)

  • Municipal and government organizations (City of Lévis, Department of sustainable development, public health management)

To find out more about the Liaison Committee's activities, write to