Sales Team

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​​​​​Our skilled, experienced and well-trained personnel are ready to respond to all your needs. Do not hesitate to contact them.

Jeff Perrone

Senior Manager, Branded Sales
Region : New England
Tel: 315-635-5128
Fax: 518-798-3038

David Poisson

Director, Commercial & Industrial sales
Region: Eastern Canada
Tel : 514-982-8276
Fax: 514-499-6470

Vincent Jalbert-Murray

Manager, Aviation & Commercial Sales
Region: Eastern Canada
Tel: 514-982-8240
Fax: 514-499-6470

​​Mike Tischhauser

Regional Sales Manager, Wholesale & Commercial​ sales 
Region: Ontario
Tel: 905-691-7522

​​Colette Sinclair

Director, Wholesale Sales
Region : Quebec
Tel : 514-982-8307
Fax: 514-499-6470

Alain Robidoux

Manager, Regional sales - Wholesale sales
Region: Quebec
Tel: 514-982-8250
Fax: 514-499-6470

Richard Blouin

Representative, Wholesale Sales
Region: Quebec South
Tel: 514-641-6136