Respecting our Environment

During the course of its activities, Valero rigorously adheres to the most stringent security, operational and integrity standards to protect the environment, its employees and the communities where it is active.

Over the past twenty years, the Jean Gaulin Refinery in Lévis has continually invested in numerous projects to produce low-sulfur content gasolines and distillates (diesel, jet fuel, heating oil) and ethanol blended gasoline (E10). The refinery has also installed vapour recovery units to minimize the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the atmosphere at its pier and at the truck loading ramps. 

In total, the Jean Gaulin Refinery has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 21% from the 1990 base year, particularly through the review of its practices, the completion of major energy efficiency projects, improvements to its production capacity and investments in the production of low-sulfur content gasolines and distillates.

At the Montreal East storage and distribution terminal, a recent project to modernize the truck loading ramp included the integration of a cutting-edge vapour recovery unit to reduce to a minimum the release of volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere.

During the pipeline Saint-Laurent construction project, a comprehensive assessment was undertaken to identify and reduce to a minimum potential environmental impacts. Valero Energy conducted an impact study to ensure that construction would be in compliance with the most stringent pipeline construction standards. Environmental protection measures were also implemented to protect all types of environments, particularly wooded a​reas, cultivated lands and wetlands, and special attention was paid to all watercourses and bodies of water that were crossed.

Thanks to our excellent maintenance, monitoring and prevention practices, no environmental incidents have been reported during the ten years the pipeline Saint-Laurent has been in operation.

These projects reflect the company's corporate policy that is focused on achieving safety and quality standards that exceed government standards in all jurisdictions where Valero operates. 

Environmental certifications and initiatives​

  • ​Voluntary participation in the Green Marine environmental certification program for the North American marine industry whose objective is to make actual and measurable improvements to the environmental performance of the marine industry active in the St. Lawrence River and in the Great Lakes.

  • Certification Performance under ICI on recycle +, a Recyc-Québec recognition program of that honours proactive companies and organizations committed to improving their performance in waste management. 

  • Investment of several million dollars to acquire and revitalize land adjacent to the Jean Gaulin Refinery to create what is known as a "green belt"​ around the industrial footprint that it represents in Lévis, Québec.

  • Greening project to create a one-acre urbain ​forest on the site of the Montreal East terminal, in collaboration with the Société de verdissement du Montréal Métropolitain and the City of Montreal East.​

These initiatives reflect the company's corporate policy that is focused on achieving safety and quality standards that exceed government standards in all jurisdictions where Valero operates. ​