Number 1 Transportation Fuels Distributor in Quebec

Valero Energy owns and operates the Jean Gaulin Refinery in Lévis, which has a refining capacity of 235,000 barrels a day, and several other logistical infrastructures in Eastern Canada, including the Montreal East terminal and the pipeline Saint-Laurent. Approximately 70% of liquid fuels fuels consumed in Quebec are produced and distributed by Valero, which guarantees local energy security for transportation.  Through its activities, it supports more than 3,400 jobs and an ecosystem of 1,200 suppliers in Quebec.

The company's Canadian activities have made it a leader in the industrial and commercial sector of transportation fuels and petroleum products (gas, diesel, propane and butane, marine diesel, jet fuel and home heating oil) and with independent resellers and distributors. The Society also plays an important role in the marketing of renewable fuels.

A proud partner in Quebec's economy, Valero Energy has made investments totalling more than $3 billion in the province since 2004 and ranks among the largest employers in the country in terms of the direct jobs and indirect jobs it generates.

Valero Energy Inc. is a subsidiary of the Valero Energy Corporation (whose symbol is VLO on the New York Stock Exchange).

Being a Good Neighbor

In keeping with its desire to be a good citizen, a good employer and a good neighbour, Valero Energy relies on the participation of actors in the areas where it operates to develop an understanding of the issues of concern to them and to meet the expectations that come with its responsibilities as a citizen-oriented company. To do so, it has implemented five liaison committees made up of members of the community. These committees serve as special democratic forums where information can be exchanged and shared and where Valero teams and their stakeholders can engage in constructive dialogue.

Valero Energy also participates actively in the well-being and development of communities where it is established through its Social Investment and Community Engagement Program and by encouraging its employees' volunteer initiatives. 

Valero Energy Corporation, the World's Largest Independent Refiner

Valero Energy Corporation, through its affiliates, is a manufacturer and an international distributor of transportation fuels and petrochemical products.

A Fortune 50 company, Valero operates 15 refineries in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom that have a combined production capacity of about 3.2 million tonnes per day and 13 ethanol plants with a combined production capacity of about 1.7 billion barrels a year. Valero is also in a joint venture with Diamond Green Diesel, which owns and operates the largest renewable diesel production plant in North America in Louisiana.

Valero sells its products on wholesale markets in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe and Latin America. There are about 7,000 Valero branded points of sale.

Valero is proud to provide products essential to life, while at the same time protecting its communities and the environment through its reliable and safe operations and to its continuous efforts to reduce emissions from its operations.