​​Leading distributor of petroleum products in Quebec​

Valero Energy inc. is a refining, distribution and marketing company operating in Quebec, the Atlantic Provinces, Ontario and New England. It is a subsidiary of Valero Energy Corporation (VLO on the New York Stock Exchange) and is the leading distributor of petroleum products in Quebec, meeting 70% of Quebecers' needs and approximately 40% of demand in Eastern Canada. It is the second largest refiner in the East of the country and its main assets in Quebec are the Jean Gaulin refinery in Lévis, the Pipeline Saint-Laurent and its Montreal East storage and distribution terminal. It also has several major logistics infrastructures in Eastern Canada.

Leading industry player

Valero Energy has a strong presence in Eastern Canada in industrial and commercial sales of petroleum products: gasoline, diesel, propane, butane, marine diesel, jet fuel and heating oil to resellers and independent distributors. The company also plays an important role in the marketing of biofuels.

It is a key economic player and has invested more than $3 billion in Quebec since 2004. It ranks among the leading employers in the country both via the direct and indirect jobs it generates.

Community responsive

Valero Energy is committed to acting as a good corporate citizen, a good employer and a good neighbour. It has put in place several liaison committees in order to maintain close ties with the community. Furthermore, it is very much involved in the communities it serves, supporting several foundations and charities.

Valero Energy Corporation: the number 1 independent refiner in the world

Valero Energy inc., with its Canadian headquarters in Montreal, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Valero Energy CorporationThe latter, via its member companies, has some 10,500 employees and owns 15 refineries with a total throughput capacity of 3 million barrels of oil per day. It is also one of the largest manufacturers of renewable fuels in the world with its 11 ethanol plants in the United States with a combined production capacity of 1,45 billion gallons per year, a joint-venture interest in a biodiesel plant and a 50 megawatt wind farm.