Jean Gaulin Refinery

Strategic Energy Hub

The Jean Gaulin Refinery in Saint-Romuald (Lévis) is a strategic energy infrastructure in Quebec and in North America.With a refining capacity of approximately 265,000 barrels per day, it is the second largest refinery in Canada by production capacity. Its configuration is suited to mainly handle crude oil (acid, light and shale crude), and major consumer products (gas, diesel, jet fuel, propane and heating oil). 

Close to 480 permanent employees and more than 200 contract employees work at the refinery.​


The refinery has been upgraded numerous times since 1971. From 2000 to 2020, Valero will have invested more than $1.9 billion in projects at the Lévis refinery to achieve various objectives such as increasing its performance, preserving the mechanical integrity of its facilities, diversifying its supply sources, optimizing its employees' working environment and improving its environmental record.

Substantial amounts have also been invested to harmonize the refinery's activities with the community. A greenbelt was developed, and a $5-million enhancement project was implemented. Refer to the Environment section​ for further details.