Safety through Prevention, Audits and Response

​Everyone's safety is a priority at all times at the refinery. This is based on three components: prevention, audits and response. The action taken focuses on several different elements such as equipment and responders, which give rise to a host of measures such as the following:

Equipment Verification

  • Equipment at the refinery meets the industry's highest standards and practices. Equipment is verified periodically, and measures to improve it or rectify any deficiencies are taken whenever necessary.

Training and Awareness

  • Special attention is paid to personnel training. Training programs on the performance of duties, procedures, equipment and emergency measures are regularly given to employees.

  • Specific training is dispensed to four specialized internal response brigades: fire, medical, spills and rescue.

  • The refinery's firefighting brigade works in close cooperation with the City of Lévis firefighting services as the latter's team members regularly participate in training sessions on risks related to potential incidents at the refinery.

  • Compliance with security rules is strongly emphasized, and this includes personal protective equipment.

Emergency Measures

  • Emergency plans and a crisis management centre are reviewed annually and updated.

  • Emergency simulation drills are performed jointly with all responders, including the City of Lévis and/or the Coast Guard.

  • Direct communication is maintained with the Lévis fire department and the Coast Guard, depending on the incident, so as to provide information on incidents and coordinate measures related to the response plan to ensure public safety.

  • Fixed and portable firefighting equipment such as a truck with a ladder and a pump/foam and 2 pump/foam trucks are available at all times.