Liaison Committees

​​​​Valero Energy counts on the participation of actors in areas where it operates to develop an understanding of the issues of concern to them and to meet the expectations that come with its responsibilities as a citizen-oriented company.

That is why Valero, in 2004, formed its first liaison committee made up of members of the community, which includes the Jean Gaulin Refinery in Lévis, Québec. Following the construction of the Saint Laurent Pipeline in 2012, another three liaison committees were organized to forge lasting relationships with citizens in the three territories criss-crossed by this 240 km infrastructure that links the refinery with the Montreal East Terminal. The most recent of the five active liaison committees set up by Valero is the one affiliated with storage and distribution centre in Montreal East, which dates back to 2015.

These committees are special democratic forums where Valero's teams and their stakeholders can exchange views, share information and spawn constructive dialogue.

Valero Energy's liaison committees are each made up of ten or so active members from civil society. They include residents living close to the company's facilities, representatives of various levels of government, local elected officials, the education sector, the business community, community milieus and emergency municipal services. The committees can meet up to four times a year so that information on the activities and projects of the various sites concerned can be disseminated. They also provide unique opportunities for members to ask questions on the various topics of interest, for example, obligations relating to regulatory compliance, the environmental performance of facilities or security and emergency response procedures. The various views brought forward by the participants then enable Valero to fine-tune its practices based on community expectations and to address the citizens' concerns with respect to the company's industrial activities.

Being a proactive and caring neighbour is a fundamental principle for Valero Energy. As such, its liaison committees play a crucial role in honouring this important commitment.   

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