Emergency Measures

​​Valero Energy implements programs needed to protect its personnel, the equipment they are responsible for, the environment, neighboring communities and its economic partners.

To achieve this objective, Valero has adopted an emergency measures plan (EMP) that it intends to coordinate with the EMPs of Montreal East and the government organizations concerned to develop a single command structure required in a crisis situation and to actively participate in the preventive management of emergencies that can occur.

Valero is also committed to:

  • Updating its EMP based on events that can take place;
  • Training its staff in emergency preparations and response;
  • Performing at least one annual EMP drill either alone or in partnership with the municipal authorities concerned and other government organizations;
  • Providing its technical support and equipment in the event that its assistance would be requested through any agreement in force.

The following documents complete the Emergency Measures Plan:

  • Emergency Measures Plan specific to the Municipality of Montreal East;
  • Corporate Emergency Measures Plan of Pipeline Saint-Laurent;
  • Emergency Measures Plan for  our port facilities;
  • Inventory of refinery response equipment;
  • Valero – Crisis Management and Communication Plan.


Valero Energy is subject to Canadian, American and International Regulations and meets the industry's most stringent requirements. The Terminal is also compliant with the ISGOTT (International Oil Tanker and Terminal Safety Guide) standards, some requirements of which are as follows:

  • The presence of a Valero operator at all times during a marine operation
  • Continuous monitoring of the ship's and the Terminal's interface
  • A dock-side control room to monitor operational parameters in real time

Notice to the Community

The terminal issues occasional notices to the community. These are available on the website of the Association industrielle de l'Est de Montréal.

See the list of notices on the Association industrielle de l'Est de Montréal​ website.