Significant Dates in the Company's History

​Since beginning its refining and marketing activities in Canada in 1961, under the name of Ultramar, the company has not looked back. Here are a few of the notable moments in our history:

1961: Operations begin in Newfoundland as Golden Eagle, both as the company’s name and emblem

1971: Inauguration of the Lévis (Saint-Romuald) refinery

1979: Acquisition of CFM (Canadian Fuel Marketers)

1983: Acquisition of Spur stations and inauguration of the catalytic cracker at the Lévis Refinery

1986: Acquisition of Gulf’s assets in Eastern Canada

1989: Increase in refining capacity to 130,000 barrels (or 20.7 million litres) a day and addition of isomerization and desulphurization units

1990: Acquisition of Texaco’s assets in the Atlantic provinces

1994: Acquisition of Sergaz stations

1995: Launch of the Corner Store network

1996: Acquisition of Sunoco stations in Quebec and introduction of a new mode of transportation: the unit train

1997: Production of jet fuel starts

2001: The Lévis (Saint-Romuald) Refinery changes its name to the Jean Gaulin Lévis Refinery

2001: The company becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Valero Energy Corporation , trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol VLO.

2002: Increase in refining capacity to more than 215,000 barrels (or 34 million litres) a day

2004: Implementation of a gasoline desulphurization process to reduce sulphur content to 30 ppm

2006: Implementation of a diesel desulphurization process to reduce sulphur content to 15 ppm

2008: Refining capacity exceeds more than 265,000 barrels (or 41.5 million litres) a day

2013: Becomes Valero Energy Inc., after parent company spins off its retail sales operation to independent company operating Ultramar-branded stores, cardlock sites and home-heating business