Contributing to community well-being

​​Valero Energy acknowledges that a socially responsible company must actively participate in developing vibrant and fulfilled communities. In so doing, it is committed to maintaining its corporate leader status in Canada by providing financial and human support to communities where its activities are taking place.

The pillars of Valero Energy's commitment​

The philanthropic actions of the company rest on the following pillars:

Sharing success
Valero recognizes the importance of giving back to the community by taking concrete actions that contribute to collective well-being. Being a good company means sharing its success with the communities where we live and work.

Employee involvement

The generosity and know-how of its employees are an asset, and Valero wants to encourage, facilitate and recognize their involvement in causes and projects in the community.

Continuous presence
Given that sustainability is a key factor, Valero intends to establish lasting relationships of trust with community actors by prioritizing a partnership formula with them.

Tangible results
Pivotal projects and commitments with a positive and quantifiable impact on the improvement to quality of life in the community, are a priority.

Organizations near Valero's Head Office, the communities where its employees work and locations where the company operates are priorities.

As a result, Valero makes donations to organizations piloting projects on its operational territory and supports numerous children's causes through the Valero Energy Foundation of Canada. Valero Energy has also developed a community investment and commitment program that describes the ways Valero helps the community. For more details, refer to the community investment and commitment program section.

Committed to school perseverance

The company recently took up a cause it has chosen to get heavily involved in–school perseverance—and is committed to:

  • Providing financial support to needy or vulnerable students through recognized organizations;
  • Extending financial support to organizations and associations active in school perseverance;
  • Promoting academic success through financial participation in vibrant projects tailored to and launched by targeted schools, which have a tangible impact on young people;
  • Promoting academic success by contributing the talent and expertise of Valero employees through selected initiatives and projects that enhance the students' trust and commitment to their academic pursuits.

The annual Centraide/United Way campaign

For more than 10 years, the company and its employees have been involved in Centraide/United Way by organizing fundraising activities to assist the neediest in each of their communities. Moreover, for each $1 donated by an employee, the company contributes 75 cents to Centraide/United Way.  On average, some $750,000 is turned over to Centraide/United Way each year.

If you are representing a cause you would like Valero Energy to support, go to the Valero Energy Foundation of Canada and Donation application sections to learn more.

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