Safe Transportation of Petroleum Products

​The pipeline is unquestionably one of the safest ways of transporting refined product. New high performing technologies have improved the quality of the materials and the methods used to construct and protect the pipes. Active and passive measures for ensuring and monitoring safety have been implemented.

Monitoring and Safety

The pipeline is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from a control centre. The inside of the pipe is also checked periodically using an electronic probe that detects any irregularities. In addition to aerial monitoring and regular checks of the cathodic protection system, the entire length of the pipeline is monitored by personnel on foot patrols every year.

The technicians in charge of operating Pipeline Saint-Laurent can check, in real time, the flow rate, pressure and movement of products at various points in the system and thereby identify the slightest irregularity to be in a position to react quickly and safely. Preventive maintenance teams maintain the pipeline and the pumping equipment. Specialists monitor the block valves, the corrosion prevention system and the instrumentation to ensure they work properly in accordance with established procedures.

Emergency Measures Plan

An emergency measures plan was established in cooperation with the 32 municipalities involved. The people in charge of operating the pipeline are in contact with municipal authorities and public safety officials. The emergency response plan is therefore always coordinated with the plans put in place by public safety officials, by municipal and regional county municipality officials (and their fire departments) along the pipeline route. The emergency measures plan calls for periodic simulation exercises to prepare employees for any emergency that may arise. Should an abnormal situation occur, Valero Energy would immediately shut down the appropriate pumps and block valves stopping flow, thereby isolating the problem area. It would then proceed to perform an inspection and make any necessary repairs. In the highly improbable case of a leak, Valero would immediately activate its emergency plan in close cooperation with local authorities.

Important Numbers

Safe operation of the pipeline is a priority. The specialists have been trained to follow proper emergency procedures and are permanently on call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pipeline Saint-Laurent Info & Emergency line​

1 877 323-0363 (24 hours a day)

Before any excavation work is done anywhere near the pipeline's right-of-way, it is absolutely essential that the Pipeline Saint-Laurent team be contacted and that Info-Excavation be consulted.


1 800 663-9228 (24 hours a day)

A safety kit is available to all the owners and municipalities involved (French only).

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